Unique process

We are a market leader for cold-pressed and high-grade rapeseed kernel oils.

The foundation for the rapid success of our oil mill - which was founded in 2000 - is the development of an innovative and patented manufacturing process: the rapeseed is hulled prior to pressing, and only the golden-yellow kernel is pressed to yield high-grade rapeseed kernel oil. Thereby, the bitter compounds in the hulls do not enter the oil.

The secret is found in the golden kernel.

A unique oil without bitter hulls:

Our unique manufacturing process hulls the rapeseed, which are merely 2 millimetres in size. The vein of gold, the so-called rapeseed kernel, is found underneath the bitter hulls, which protects and stores the high-grade rapeseed kernel oil in its cells.

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Raise the curtain: taking a look inside the oil mill.

Wonderfully sustainable - all at one location:

From the storage to the pressing, and right up to the filling; everything is done here at our location in Ibbenbüren. The cutting-edge oil mill technology is based on screw presses and is almost fully automated.

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