Organic quality

The quality of the seed lays the foundation for the subsequent flavour and quality of our premium oils.Our product range includes high-grade kernel oils on the foundation of conventional seeds and products in organic quality. Both our own and external laboratories work to ensure our stringent requirements regarding the seed selection, crop rotation, time of harvest and storage are followed.

  • The conventional rapeseeds are sourced from Germany, from certified, controlled integrated contract cultivation.
  • The organic rapeseeds are sourced from controlled organic contract cultivation.
  • We source the seeds for our sunflower kernel oil and our linseed oil from Germany and from various countries belonging to the European Union. This is the result of the varying requirements posed by these cultivated crops regarding cultivation, for instance, in that they require warmer temperatures for their growth



For you, among others, this conscientious selection and cooperation on the foundation of partnership means:

  • no genetically modified seeds
  • no use of sewage sludge as a fertiliser.

In addition to this, we not only satisfy the requirements regarding the Council Regulation on Organic Agriculture but also the stringent Bioland guidelines.

Furthermore our contract partners must provide evidence of field mapping, in which information is supplied regarding the cultivation period, variety, a seed certificate of purchase, as well as a great deal of additional information.

Apart from this, we train and consult our contract farmers.