The golden kernel

Thanks to patented manufacturing and carefully selected raw ingredients, our cold-pressed kernel oil is something truly special - and unique on the market. Gourmet oil with a pure, absolutely clean and delicate nutty flavour.

Our secret to enjoyment? No bitter hulls and no unnecessary heat from pressing.

The seeds are hulled by using a completely mechanical procedure. This is followed by separating the bitter hulls from the oil-containing kernel. In a first step, these pure kernels are immediately cold-pressed in a gentle procedure using actively cooled screw presses at a low temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Friction-related, high and harmful pressing temperatures are avoided. This is the only way to ensure the extraordinary and typically delicate nutty flavour, and that vitamins and important antioxidants are retained.

An indication for this extraordinary quality is the absolutely pure, golden-yellow colour of our kernel oils.

Only the first, gentle cold pressing of the pure kernel is virgin cold-pressed or steamed and filled into the Teutoburger Ölmühle bottles. During subsequent refining steps, the second pressing is used in a variety of different manners (for instance as refined oil).

Certified and controlled cultivation

Assured quality and selection

Hulling the black seeds

Gentle pressing: only the golden­-yellow kernel

Natural kernel oil: golden-yellow and pure