Environment protection

Pure enjoyment in harmony with nature: this aspiration involves a high degree of responsibility toward our natural resources.

As a manufacturer of natural edible oils, we have been dedicated to active nature conservation right from the outset.


  • We use raw ingredients "without genetic engineering" and are certified in accordance with the VLOG standard.
  • We use hydropower to cover 100% of our power needs.
  • Our patented technology guarantees our oils are manufactured with significantly reduced resources.


  • We source our raw ingredients from controlled and certified cultivation.
  • We prefer raw ingredients that originate in Germany, as short transport routes save unnecessary CO2 emissions.
  • We have taken the conscious decision to forego the use of solvents, and quality is of greater importance to us than maximising the yield.
  • Using intensive cultivation consultation, we promote the cultivation of organic German rapeseed. This represents a special enrichment in biological crop rotation and, apart from this, plays an important role in protecting bees.
  • Our protein-rich oilcakes represent a genetically unmodified and environmentally friendly substitute for the critically categorised soy meals from abroad.