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The pure kernel is the secret of our oils. Simultaneously, it is the origin of their unrivalled flavour. When selecting oils, it matters what is inside. As opposed to refined oils, kernel oils contain more natural vitamins and secondary plant substances, and they offer a pleasantly nutty flavour. Our oils are extracted in a particularly gentle procedure and are manufactured with lots of love and diligence.

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Rapeseed Kernel Oil BUTTER TASTE

With its buttery flavour, this sophisticated oil is a helpful companion for vegan and lactose-free baking and frying. It contains a natural buttery aroma which is of vegetable origin.

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Bring the golden rays of blooming rapeseed fields into your kitchen. There can be no doubt that our finest rapeseed kernel oil should be used in your tasty and healthy world of cooking. Discover the delicious recipes with rapeseed oil.

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Spring Chicken Breast with Almonds

A perfect combination: spring chicken breast with creamy apple-carrot-puree.

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Our oil mill has its origins as a research project. The subsequent company founder developed a procedure for manufacturing cold-pressed rapeseed oil from hulled seeds at the University in Essen. This process is unique and patented. Out of love for the ‘pure kernel’, a philosophy has arisen that has sustainably characterised our oil mill ever since its founding in 2000. The truly ‘golden kernel’ explains why our kernel oils have such a uniquely pure and characteristic flavour.



By purchasing one of our kernel oils, you have chosen a unique, high-grade product. Thanks to removing the bitter hulls from the seeds our kernel oils are particularly pure and golden. The consistently high level of quality, from the selection of the seeds to the storage and right up to the gentle cold-pressing and filling, is accompanied and verified by own and external quality management systems. By means of this, we prove our competence and document our product safety.

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