Certified origin

Our quality standards are actually quite simple: maximum.

We use seeds from controlled and certified cultivation for our products, without genetic engineering.

From the field to the bottle, the value-added chain is controlled throughout with the help of elaborate quality controls. The processes in our oil mill are consistently aligned to certified quality management systems. 

Less is more: The cultivation of genetically modified plants verifiably has a negative impact on the environment. The Teutoburger Ölmühle kernel oils originate from genetically unmodified seeds.

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Only best quality:  Organic quality is an added value we can offer as well. We satisfy the requirements of the Europiean Council Regulation on Organic Agriculture.

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So beautiful and so good: Rapeseed is the raw ingredient that breathes life into our oil mill. It is a filigree plant with numerous facets. It’s its special fatty acid composition that makes its oil so valuable.

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